Mosaic Moments – Basic Die Bundle A-E & 1″ Grid

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Mosaic Moments Rectangles and 1″ Grid dies BUNDLE. 

Mosaic Moments is a grid system that makes creating fantastic pages quick and easy.  Our products (including most of the dies) are sized to cut photos and papers to fit the grid.  The grid consists of 1″ squares separate by a 1/8th inch space (gap).  
This bundle includes the Mosaic Moments Rectangle dies and the 1″ Grid die.  This bundle includes all sizes to fit the Mosaic Moments Grid papers from 1 square to 5 x 6 squares. It also includes layering dies for most of the sizes. The 1″ grid die cuts a 4″  x 6″ photo or paper into 1″ squares.
These dies are color coded (painted) to match the colors in the Mosaic Moments Patterns Gallery on  Using the Patterns Gallery and these dies together makes it quick and easy to create beautiful pages.  No measuring system – just select the die size you want and roll through a die machine to cut photos and papers to fit the grid.The nested dies in this bundle are all separated – no need for wire snips.
You can see more information about this die bundle by clicking here.
This die BUNDLE is made in China. These dies are the same great quality as our USA made dies with the added benefit of being painted the colors to match the patterns gallery.
NOTE: die machines & dies vary. If your machine leaves an embossed ridge try using thinner plates and/or use a stack of cardstock instead of an additional plate.  If the machine does not cut through add one or more sheets of cardstock as a shim until you get the desired result.
Click here to see compatible die machines and how to shim them for cutting properly with Mosaic Moments dies.


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