The Wilderness Retreat Collection I Want it all and Wilderness Retreat Creative Essentials are only available on Pre-orders placed before 3rd November 2019.
Please click on the individual products to check the details and contents or you may just add them to the cart from here.
PLEASE CHECKOUT THE CART LIKE NORMAL for placing the pre-order. If your cart includes the items in stock also, all will be combined and sent once the pre-order arrives. If you don’t want the order to be combined and sent, then request you to please place the orders separately.
The payment can be made right away or later. You may pay right away using Credit Card/PayPal/ Bank Transfer. If you would like to pay later please use Direct bank transfer.
Please let us know your wish-list before 3rd November 2019. Release Date is 13th November 2019. I will be getting a few sets and dispatching them on the release date on first come first serve basis. The remaining order I will try and get within 7-10 days of the release day.

Thank you and Happy Crafting!